indo-Pak Cyber War – India claims 13+ websites hacked by Pakistani hackers

The Indian government has claimed that 13+ websites of its western state Goa have been hacked by a Pakistani group of hackers. According to a spokesman of the Goa government, the websites were facing cyber attacks for the second time by a Pakistani group of hackers.

The websites claimed to be hacked by Pakistanis include fire services (www.goadfes.gov.in), port trust (www.mptgoa.com), tourism (www.goatourism.gov.in) and NRI commission (www.nri.goa.gov.in). Goa’s NRI commission inaugurated its re-designed website on April 27 to provide more and better categorised information to NRIs and the Indian public at large.

on the Contrary Pakistani Government is hiding that Pak-Army website was hacked by the Indian Hackers on Eid.to get ride of being insulted in world. Indian took the action as Pakistan Cyber Army did Last year.

Last year on 15 August 2012 Pakistani Cyber Army hacked indian 3500+ websites while at that time there was no Criticle situation.

17 August 2012 news , More than 3500+ Indian websites and web pages were hacked by a groups of Pakistani hackers as India was celebrating its 66th Independence on 15 August 2012 .

Shadow008 member of Pak Cyber Army hackedmore than 2000 sites ,
Mirrors:PakCyberArmy | Zone-H.org

Another PCA member MindCracker member of PCA hacked 113 Indian Sites.
Hacked Sites: pastebin.com/sdwed440
Mirrors:PakCyberArmy | Zone-H.org

55+Indians Website Hacked By Anon C[O]P member of Anonymous Pakistan.
mirror: Anon C[O]P | ZONE-HACK
103 Websites Hacked By CFR Robot Pirates Team

50 Sites Hacked By gujjarhaxor member of Pak Cyber Pyrates
gujjarhaxor | ZONE-HACK


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