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THE TOP RICHEST PEOPLE ON EARTH as Compared to The one Who Prays

THE TOP RICHEST PEOPLE ON EARTH as Compared to The one Who Prays 

10. Mukesh Ambani- Net Worth: $27.0 Billion.

9. Eike Batista- Net Worth: $30.0 Billion.

8. Amancio Ortega- Net Worth: $31.0 Billion.

7. Lakhsmi Mittal- Net Worth: $31.1 Billion.

6. Lawrence Ellison- Net Worth: $39.5 Billion.

5. Bernard Arnault- Net Worth: $41.0 Billion.

4. Warren Buffett– Net Worth: $50.0 Billion.

3. Bill Gates– Net Worth: $56.0 Billion.

2. Carlos Slim Helu- Net Worth: $74.0 Billion.

1. The ONE who prays the two Rak’ah (units of prayer) Sunnah of Fajar (the pre dawn prayer).

The Messenger peace be upon him said: “The two rak’ah (sunnah) of the Fajar prayer are better than this World and ALL it contains.” [Sahih Muslim] 

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