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What A wife likes in her husband

What A wife likes in her husband

  1. The Tranquility, so if you ask something from your her, so do it peacefully, anId even if you arguing do it quietly. And always send tranquility in his heart
  2. Don t complain a lot! Be soft with her , act with love and be merciful to her
  3. Be beautiful for your wife, use many things to please her (perfume) And the one who is best is the best who is best to his family.
  4. Serve her: wife likes her husband to prepare something for her even a cup of coffee, even a glass of water …. Small things but valuables for her!
  5. the wife also likes her husband to be a good listener to her and to keep her secrets.
  6. don’t be very jealous, and control hercalls, sights and movement
  7. The wife wants to feel loved in her home, so consult her in everything and share with her everything.
  8. If she is wrong, don’t comment all her mistakes. 
  9. Share her happiness and sadness
  10. To say thanks for everything, she likes when you appreciate her deed.
  11. Don’t ask for divorce if there is no valid reason.
  12. Respect her family and especially her mother. 

So are you a good husband?

I am married but knowing my self, i have to be honest , I have many things to work on my self! so dont be ashamed , work on yoursleves , my brothers if you re married , it s never late

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