Apple iPad Accessories For Home

Tablets are still getting pretty new and exciting so many people try to acquire. While a tablet is easier to move around and carry with you from place to place as compared to laptop, it’s still quite bulky especially when it comes to smartphones. Having its own pros and cons a tablet can be of use not only on the go but also at home. Here are some cool accessories for iPad. See Also: Bluetooth-Keyboard for Iphone

V-Luxe iPad Stand

For those who seek to replace an old TV with an iPad there is a V-Luxe iPad stand that’s like iVictrola adds vintage flair to the modern tech.


A docking station may not only help you charge your iPad, but it can also provide sound system so you can play your favorite music directly from the tablet. There are other uses for docking stations and they also come in great variety of designs and materials. iVictrola is a sound amplifier with a vintage flair shaped as a gramophone.

Wall Mount

A wall mount for iPad allows to hang your tablet or tablets around the house. If you want to watch a movie while in a bathtub or before bed this is a great solution and there are also many options design- and budget-wise. See Also: Tablet Case Made From Recycled Jeans

Steelie Tabletop Kit
Steelie is a special stand for an iPad in the kitchen. You can try various recipes or watch a cooking show and mimic the dish created by your favorite chef. Although if you need to but don’t want to touch your iPad while cooking Belkin iPad Chef Stand comes with a wand.

iPad Arcade Cabinet

Finally if you are nostalgic about arcade cabinet games an accessory that imitates those retro gaming machines does not only have the look but is also operable. See Also: Wireless Charger

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