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Don’t Worry, if you have failed in love or don’t have that special “someone”!

You are Single Not Dead 

Being single does not mean that you are weak, it’s mean you are strong enough to wait for what you really deserve. If you are happy and confident, you are more likely to attract the right person into your life in the first place. And most importantly when Allah (God) knows you’re ready for the responsibility of commitment, He will reveal the right person under the right circumstances. You are not going to displease Allah if you’re single (by Qadar). See Also: How to Win your wife’s Heart?

But you may displease Allah(God) by your lack of thankfulness and weakness in your reliance (tawakul) in Him and giving up on life altogether. Wait patiently and be optimistic.

Some people are single but they are mentally committed to someone. That’s not very healthy for your faith.
It’s all upto Allah (God), The All-Wise, The Master who knows the secrets of your hearts even if you don’t mention them, The One who knows his weaknesses and your weaknesses and how this combination would destroy your and his life, He wouldn’t let us suffer like that. You need to be patient and have faith that He will provide for you. He will give you better. He will make you happy again. He will do that because He is so Merciful. You need to trust Him. See Also: Love In Islam

Single? Well I don’t even care about my status cause I know Allah(God) is saving me for someone special.
You need to put your faith in the One who created you. Don’t waste your time searching and wishing. One day someone’s gonna walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else! Grow, be patient and be ready, you’ll see Allah(God) will give you a love story far better than you could ever dream of. 🙂

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