Photoshop Basic Tutorial – Colorizing Black and White Image with Hue/Surtuation

Today in This Photoshop Basic Tutorial you are going to learn how to convert your black and white image in to Multiple Color. Such kind of Editing is being done for Social sites’s Display Pic Facebook Twitter GooglePlus Etc. and its more common in Girls as Compare to Boys.

First Select an Image and open it in Photoshop. we have posted an image from our last post of Gradient Map and us it as sample in this Tutorial.. you may try on it too

Step 1: Create New layer by going Layers> New > Layers or by pressing Short-Cut Key Ctrl+Shift+N

Step 2: To Select Elliptical Marquee Tool Right Click on Marquee Tool and Choose Round Marquee Tool or may Get it by Short Cut Key Shift+M

Step 3: Draw Circle or Oval shape whatever you want. and go to Select> Modify> Feather Selection or press Ctrl+Shift+D and set it to 30 Pixels. (Note: You Change it letter from circle to oval or oval to circle by Free Transform tool.)

Step 4: Select Paint bucket tool as shown in above image or by Pressing Short-cut key Shift+G

Step 5: Choose Color and Click at the center of red Circle as i selected #26e6e4 and fill the Selected area with Bucket tool.

Step 6: Reduce the Opacity to 50%

Step 7: Create Duplicate Layer and Press “V” to select move tool after that Move Your Filled Color Layer and than Press Ctrl+U or go to Image> Adjustments> Hue/Surtuation .. and Set it as shown in above image

Step 8: Duplicates few more layers and play with Hue/Surtuation as we did in Step 7 to get different color here is you semi result f you want to do somthing more with it Change the Blend mode of each Color Layer to Screen, Lighten, or Overlay.

See Difference Between These Both Images

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Applied Blend Mode
Before Changing Blend mode


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