American Popular Singer Jennifer Jerawat Converts To Islam

Converts To Islam,Converting To Islam,Converted To Islam

A few months ago, 23 years old American girl hailing from US State Massachusetts (Boston) entered Arabic singing reality show “Arab’sGotTalent”. In September 2013, the audition took place and she shocked the world by conquering every session to make it to the finalsession.

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At this stage Jennifer Grout was rocking the whole world but in the end two opponents left her behind and she ended up 3rd on the reality show. She became superstar on the international horizon.
The amazing part is, Jennifer Grout did not Arabic as language but she was very much interested in Arabic classical songs and her passion walked her to this far. She has done graduation in French language from Montreal’s McGill University.

She is living currently in Morocco and she has released a video on YouTube in which she is reciting “Kalma Shahadat” and then she recites Surah e Fatiha in very clear voice. During recitation it is not felt that she does not know Arabic as language.

According to multiple online sources, that one of the guys present in the video is named Saeed who is the fiancée of Jennifer Grout while some other sources (mainly Moroccan) claim that he is the husband of Jennifer. The second person is a local religious leader of Morocco.
Although she finished 3rd in Lebanon during Arab’s got talent grand finale but now she is blessed with a perfect gift from ALLAH and that is ALLAH Almighty bestowed upon her the blessings in shape of Islam.

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