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8 Best Photography WordPress Themes For Professional and Hobby Photographers 2016

As per present day’s statistics, 24% of the global websites are driven by WordPress. Also, most viewed news pages are powered by WordPress. The prime factor for acceptance of WordPress themes are its user friendly interface options and its flexible customization using plug-ins and in built tools. You need not have prior knowledge of coding, to customize a webpage. There ares several tutorials provided by WordPress which will help to develop a complex webpage with comfort.  Let us get a deeper insight into the wordpress themes for photography.
The themes discussed here are premium ones with a little charge or fee. But each of these themse is worth the user’s money. Many users have tried and have been satisfied with these themes. Although there are chances of spoiling the site, if proper customization is not done the success of these themes is in major proportion.

Due to the increase in social networking sites Facebook & Instagram, photography has evolved as a major form of art. The emerging of these websites, have piqued interest in people to take more pictures and share them with audience. Moreover the development of high pixel cameras in smartphones permits the users to take more and better pictures.

While some people are satisfied by sharing their pictures on Instagram, few people have taken this up to a next level and are enthusiastic about creating their own blog or website. The WordPress themes play a major role in supporting their goal and channelizing their photography skills.

Here are enlisted, eight WordPress themes and their features out of the available thousands of themes. There are many more themes available and one can choose the theme best suited for their needs. Photography related theme is a hard one to choose from the available collection as each of them possesses a unique trait.

1. Moon

Moon is WordPress theme that aims to enhance and improve your creative website. Blogs and portfolios can be optimized by a series of useful website tools. Customers can easily showcase their videos, audio files, and photos. Moon can increase your page’s flexibility, and free you from having to sit in an office for the entire day. You will be able to work, even while traveling. The theme is completely responsive, given that it can display your site on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. You will never lose the ability to upload edited or unedited photos, write posts for your blog, distribute your items, or manage your page layout.

This theme was constructed by an elite author, and it has earned the praise of those who have bought it. Customers will be rewarded with a series of free updates, and a support system that never fails to resolve troubling issues.
Moon allows you to showcase distinct textures and colors for your site’s main panel. This is will aid in the presentation of your beautiful content. Those who don’t mind a little reading can access the theme documentation file, which is quite informative. Gif snippets and video tutorials were included as well.

moon-cretive-photography-themeMore Info  Demo


2. Inspiro

Inspiro is a gorgeous, visually stunning, flexible and powerful WordPress responsive photo-focused theme. While well suited for the design and construction of a number of different website projects, Inspiro truly shines the brightest when in the hands of professional photographers. Freelance photographers will find it extremely easy and quick to set up their online foothold for their business, project their images and expand their customer base.

Inspiro is jam-packed with tools and features to better showcase your work. Tons of widgets are readily available to better display your beautiful, high resolution imagery on your interactive, dynamic homepage, which can seamlessly be changed from a widgetized layout to a blog style layout extremely easily, thanks to the ZOOM Framework and its advanced customization capabilities. Solid HTML5 and CSS3 coding provide smooth scrolling and hovering effects that make your content pop, while search engine optimization built right into the code ensures you will top the pageranks and draw in much more business. Get a revenue stream going with the powerful WooCommerce plugin integration, offering an online shop within hours of installation. Drag & drop custom menus anywhere you want to make navigating your website easy and breezy. Beautiful gallery pages are available with visually captivating layouts that exhibit the aesthetics of your work without getting in the way.

inspiro-fullscreen-gallery-themeMore Info  Demo


Soho is a new, creative, and professional WordPress theme for photography and video. It has a full screen layout, which is arguably the best method of presenting your video and photo art pieces.  The theme includes some modern implementations, such as the enhanced version of the built-in GT3 page builder.  Other notable implementations include an option for color editing, easy content, and a boost in web site speed. This impressive theme is only a click away.

Only a full screen slider can be expected to represent your work, and do it justice.  Thankfully, Soho’s slider is perfectly adept at creating amazing presentations that will surely display your talent and eye for detail.  This theme will work with most popular web browsers, and it is quite responsive. The Documentation is extensive, and it is enough to turn a beginner into an expert in just a few hours.

As a backdrop for your main page, you may now implement Video and Image backgrounds, adding another layer of immersion for your site’s visitors. Take full advantage of the masonry gallery and portfolio option in order to present your work to others. The masonry style is ideal, given that it makes good use of space, allowing the owner to post more items. Be it landscape or portrait images, the Ribbon Gallery will enhance their appeal. However, many prominent artists also maintain a blog, updating their readers in regards to recent activity and projects. Available in standard or full screen layouts, blogs are definitely valuable assets.

soho - creative fullscreen themeMore Info  Demo


4. BOW

Bow is a streamlined WordPress theme that is ideal for professional photography websites. It is available in high resolution, and it is compatible with most web browsers.  It includes several Theme Forest Files such JS files, PHP files, CSS Files, and HTML files. It features over 4 columns, and it is responsive to all devices. The Documentation is detailed and informative, and the support system is eager to help.

There is a live preview available on the page, along with some screenshots. Feel free to sample the content, before making a decision. This theme was tested using an A-grade speed page, managing only 2 seconds of total load time. However, even the best options and plugin customization choices are useless without a good Admin Panel. Thankfully, the choices presented in Bow’s Option Panel are quite extensive, allowing for satisfying customization.

The theme is constructed using top-quality SEO tactics, and it is compatible with the most popular plugins. Regardless of the nature of your question, be it large or small, users should not hesitate to contact Bow’s support staff. All characters and letters may also be altered. The theme sports over 600 Google Fonts, each of them presenting several typography settings. You may craft beautiful text, highlighting the nuance and flavor of your art. Bow has 3 main variations: Content Slider, Image Background, Video Background. You may upload your company’s distinct logo, to increase brand recognition. Highly customizable and infinitely interesting, this theme is certainly worth your time and attention.

bow-fullscreen-gallery-themeMore Info  Demo


5. eClipse

eClipse is a clean and minimalist photography theme that will definitely make your works standout. This theme is fully responsive, retina ready and coded with the latest HTML5 & CSS Code. This versatile theme comes with several homepage layouts, image, video, pattern and color backgrounds that makes the theme customization quick and straightforward. The theme includes Stripped Page, fullscreen Masonry Portfolio, Kenburns Gallery, fullscreen Masonry Blog and fullscreen video patterns. It also offers two-color option so you can choose between light and dark skins for your portfolio. Additionally, eClipse Photo Portfolio WordPress Theme includes cool features such as drag & drop GT3 Page Builder Plugin, easy Font and Color Management, advanced Theme Settings Panel, Contact Form 7, Mailchimp and WPML support.

eclipse-grid-photography-themeMore Info  Demo


6. Wynn

Wynn is a responsive, full screen, all ajax WordPress portfolio theme that has a stylish look and a slick user experience. Wynn is ideal not only for agencies, freelancers and photographers but for all creatives looking to showcase their portfolio. Wynn comes packaged with plenty of great features and is highly customizable.

Most importantly, Wynn is a unique template that was built after carefully considering use cases of several portfolio websites and we came up with minimalistic elements, clean design, creative placement of sidebar and an ALL AJAX implementation. If you are not familiar with AJAX loading, I suggest to check out theme demo to see how it works. You don’t need to get into technical details, just check those smooth transitions, awesome loading effects and much more.

wynn-creative-portfolio-themeMore Info  Demo



7. Superba

Superba is a WordPress theme whose focus is media and photography. Projects, albums, and media tagging are all features that can be yours. This theme is made with the artist’s needs in mind. The best way to improve a product is to consider customer feedback, and every step of Superba’s design process was a collaborative effort.

From the ground up, this theme functions as a framework for your art. Superba never shifts focus from the photos, while complementing and presenting them in an enticing way. Its albums are versatile in their function, as they can feature their own unique sets of pictures, or include slides from other projects and albums. Every individual item that is included in a project has its own taxonomy so it can be filtered and tagged in album pages.

Everyone knows that a first impression is important and Superba assures that your site will make a positive one. Using the Splash template you will gain the ability to establish an awesome intro page, featuring social links, full screen images, and slogans. This will make for a great intro to your website. The task of starting a website is not a walk in the park. However, using the impressive Page Builder, it becomes something that even a child can easily accomplish. There are also over 18 blocks available for use. A modal skin for albums is incorporated, available in a classy black and white color. The theme is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, allowing the user to commercialize products by using a safe and reliable system. There are multiple template variations for albums, including: grid masonry, mosaic, slideshow, full-screen carousel, and others.

superba - horizontal scroll albumMore Info  Demo



8. Tempo

Tempo is a beautiful, aesthetically accomplished, powerful and easy-to-use WordPress responsive theme, designed with the needs of very visual-heavy websites that need to showcase tons of high resolution images and photography to a wide audience of unknown composition or demographics. Tempo will render your photographies in Retina-ready full visual glory regardless of the device they’re displayed on, with no possible compatibility issues with platforms, browsers or screen sizes. Tempo lets your photos reach everyone, and reach them in style.

Tempo is built for speed and ease of use. You’ll hit the ground running with Tempo’s numerous predesigned layouts, which can be modified in real time with the Live Customizer, to make them look and feel entirely unique. Tempo includes light and dark skins to match the tone of your website easily. Tempo really shines when it comes to producing your Gallery pages though. With the capacity to display your images in fullscreen, you can make distraction-free, amazing looking grid or masonry layout galleries with large, high resolution photography or images. Select your gallery thumbnails’ aspect ratios, from square to landscape to portrait, to perfectly frame your work depending on its nature, or simply leave them all uncropped, as you desire. Tempo is the sound of the future. Can you keep up?

tempo - simple photography gallery themeMore Info  Demo

8 Best Photography WordPress Themes For Professional and Hobby Photographers 2016
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