12 Examples of Business Logos for Inspiration

Logo is all about displaying your business message in an icon, and a lot of designers do not know how to cover up vast features and definition of the business in one creative logo. Many companies are providing the services for designing logos, but what matters in this aspect is to design a business logo that is innovative enough to attract potential clients and customers at the very first glance. Clients need a catchy and exclusive logo and to satisfy this need, you might need to search out and try hundreds of logo and still may not be up to the mark as the ultimate business logo. Therefore, I decided on helping you with a few examples of getting epic ideas and insights for designing a business logo.

1. Educapp

Check out this creative logo example designed by ‘Shtef Sokolovich’ for an educational app. You can get an awesome idea by this logo to design a logo for educational institutes.


2. Cloud Conductor

See another very good example of logo designed by ‘John’.


3. DaLaza

Change your idea about designing a logo for a company, check out this logo.


4. Business Titans

Furry has designed this logo for a business company, check out its uniqueness!


5. Tevtar

Designed by ‘Martyr’ for an Archery Club!


6. Vayro

Designed by ‘Martyr’ for a company that outsources its solutions, it is indeed a great example for IT solution companies.


7. Firework Productions

Got an offer of designing a logo for an event organization or a production company? Check out this awesome logo designed by ‘Richelt’.


8. Digitaltalents

Hugodenouden has designed this logo for an application company. Do you feel it can help you out in any way?


9. Tofu

This is very simple logo designed by ‘Brenms’ for a design studio company. It holds everything in it to give customers a quick idea about business and its services.


10. Twin Phox

Do not you think it is also a great example logo designed by ‘Shtef Sokolovich’ for a legal or financial company located in Canada?


11. Acipenser

Designed by ‘Juan Tran’, it is perfect logo design for a sea food restaurant.


12. Byval

It is inspired logo designed by ‘Naveen’ for a Byval Company; see how he used color contrast and geometry to create a unique logo!


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