15 Free Retro and Vintage Fonts For Design Projects

Typography happens to be an integral constituent of modern website design. It has the power of transforming a normal and ugly website into a really elegant and beautiful web portal. Vintage and retro fonts are becoming a part of the typography trend these days. A large number of new clients look forward to put these fonts in their projects. You can take a look at a few of the websites that were recently designed to get an insight of what I am talking about. Get Vector Web Icons and free fonts for addition of more to your collection.
In the web design world, retro and vintage fonts have been popularly used elements for bringing in a variation to the mix. Many special features such as rough textures, grunge patterns, and brushes have provided these fonts with the distinguishing ability to make the design different from the others. At all times that you are using an orthodox font in your design, you are enabling your design to stand out among the others. As of now, we have collected more than 40 elegant and free vintage and retro fonts for you to choose from. If you are willing to include a cool effect for your next project designing, you ought to give these fonts a look.

  1. Chi-Town

    Chi-Town is both a creative and successful retro font with some really innovative character designs

  2. Campanile

    Campanile could be easily used for any horror or underground design project. The bold and long strokes of the font will help in creating a proper atmosphere.

  3. Deftone Stylus

    This all-italic font brings back the old handwriting style to the internet. The font looks especially attractive on larger sizes.

  4. Strong Glasgow

    Strong Glasgow does not have any small letter design, it supports some special characters.

  5. Hermione

    Most of the characters of this retro font are constructed by using multiple horizontal lines. Despite being simple, the package still looks very attractive.

  6. 20DB

    Besides the uncommon name, the 20DB font looks rather weird too. The really wide characters of this font will occupy a considerable amount of space in your design.

  7. Showtime

    For those of you who want some really radical designs, here’s one for you. This totally innovative font lets you create a showtime presentation anytime, anywhere.

  8. Riesling

    With very light strokes around the characters, Riesling could be a nice vintage font for using in large designs, artworks or printing jobs.

  9. Nashville

    Inspired by show print designs, Nashville is a very vibrant, lively font. Besides the regular characters, the font also supports lots of additional characters.

  10. Breamcatcher

    First of all, this font does not have anything to do with Sesame Street. And secondly, it looks really beautiful. With a bit of creativity, you can easily use this font in your design projects.

  11. Park Lane NF

    Drawing inspiration from the double-line designing trend, Park Lane NF offers a creative mix to the table. At first glance, the font looks really gorgeous.

  12. Little Lord Fontleroy

    the name suggests, this is a majestic font carries the honor and royal symbolism into the characters too. You can easily use this font as the title for your designs.

  13. Blue Plate Special

    Despite the name, there is actually nothing special about this font. This is a regular vintage style font with mixed styling efforts.

  14. Echo Deco

    Featuring a classic vintage look, Echo Deco is another interesting font. Created with lots of echos on the left and right, this one reminds me of Pacman!

  15. Mailart Rubberstamp

    This retro font family was created from actual rubber-stamps used on letters and envelops. Tight, consistent spacing and an increased tracking are some of the main attractions of this font.


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