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Undoubtedly and almost universally accepted, WordPress is an awesome tool for the creation of blogs. It works great almost all the time, and offers automatic updates along numerous benefits of open source software, which includes the fact that it is absolutely free to use.

WordPress is not perfect to be certain. But then again, no software package is perfect. Fortunately,many of the WordPress problems can be resolved simply by making a few tweaks. Given below are nine commonly encountered WordPress problems along with their solutions.

1. Your changes are not being “SAVED” by WordPress

At times this problem can be solved easily by forcing your browser to reload the page from the server.  The Web browsers stores copies of web pages in cache or a memory area located in your computer and on sub sequential visits to the same web page the page is loaded from the cache and this allows it to load at much expedited rate.

When your browser is loading a copy that has been stored in cache then it might not be showing your latest changes since it’s an old copy, so to make the browser to load the page from server  you can do the following:

Firefox– hold on Ctrl and Shift and then press the R key.

Internet Explorer-Hold down the Shift key and press the Refresh button, however depending upon browser’s setting, the above mentioned shortcuts might not work.

You can also load your page from proxy sites such as because it loads your page from server not from cache and hence it is always the latest version.

2. Not able to delete the old posts and receiving error messages:

Message board is flooded with this problem over past few months. Even though we couldn’t narrow down to the specific cause of the issue, partly because of the irregular nature of the issue, it appears as if some plugins have been interfering with the option of deletion.

Till the time you find out which ones of the collection of plugins are behind this deletion problem, you can solve this problem by deactivating all of your plugins, making the necessary deletions then reactivating all the plugins again.


3. Can’t block the spam from the comment section:

WordPressprovides you withsome good automated tools for keeping an eye on the amount of spam that appears in the comments but to block spams permanently you need to do some compelling moderation on your part.

Click administration and setting panel to control the WordPress features pertaining to management of the comments. All aspects of discussions can be controlled here. Apply the following tips to control the spams.

  • You can get the option of accepting or denying the comment by receiving an e-mail every time a comment is made and to avail this you need to click A comment is held for Moderation box but in case you receive countless comments on a diurnal basis then your inbox would be flooded with notification e-mails.
  • Spammers are deterred by extra step of providing the extra information when asked for Name and e-mail in a must fill box. You can enable this feature by checking the Comment Author must fill out Name and E-mail box.
  • At times spammers put multiple hyperlinks in their comments so you can ask the WordPress to hold back the comments that have a certain specific or more numbers of links via the Content Moderation section and in the very same section you can enter the keywords that you think spammers might include in their comments.


4. Back Up files for the WordPress database are very large:

Making of backup database is a highly prominent process and most people do not perform it as often as is required. One should keep three to four copies of their database files cause your primary backup file might get corrupted but doing that can be very cumbersome if your backup files occupy a lot of storage space but in case large database backup file is caused by certain plugins storing a gigantic amount of data. The plugins that block spam or that collect statistics on your blog generate a lot of data that really isn’t important enough to be store in your database backup file.

Just in case you are using a generic backup tool, you would be able to choose the relevant tables included in the database backup file, including the tables that are important to your blog’s data and leaving the ones you find redundant.

Similarly image files occupy a lot of space too so it would be advisable to delete the image files that you are not using anymore with your blog but they are backed up with your database.


5. A plugin has ceased to work suddenly:

One easy fix for this problem could be downloading the latest version of the plugin. Latest releases of plugins have more feature but they also fix bugs at times and one or few of them might be the one you are having currently. For checking latest plugins, click administration and plugin then WordPress will list all of your plugins with the notifications about the ones that have upgrade available, click upgrade automatically and latest version would be installed. You should make it a point to check for the upgrades regularly.

If this doesn’t solve your problem then in that case you can try to reinstall the plugin from scratch because your plugin might have got corrupted.

If you made some other software changes or installed plugins during the time the worrisome plugin was working fine and the time that it stopped to work. There might be some incompatibility issues between the malfunctioning plugin and the software changes that you have made. You can check if the author of the plugin has a blog, you can report the issue there because there is a possibility that other users might be having the same issue and author might come up with a solution.

When you upgrade your version of WordPress, multiple plugins might wind up not working or cease to work correctly.  In that case deactivate the plugins that are not working efficiently until and unless the author releases a new version that is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

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