Top 11 Learning Management System (LMS) WordPress Themes 2015

Web development at times turns out to be an intimidating struggle for the start-ups. A solid and responsive webpage with a good user experience is required for the perfect representation of your company independent of your area of specialization and business. Albeit a generic error free layout is expected but it doesn’t seem to suffice.

It has been observed that users have a tendency of switching to the place which provides higher degree of convenience. Simplified, user friendly and interactive interface, swift loading of pages, tools for spreadsheets etc. can make your website come to life and render the users much better experience.  It is understandable that cost of upgrading website would be quite an issue for a neophyte venture but you can abate your expenditures and redeem a lot money following certain schemes.

An online platform called WordPress hosts a diverse community of theme developers and you are no more dependent on companies that provide web development services and charge you a fortune for that. There are myriad of relevant site themes for different areas and niche. Education, e-commerce, sports, blogging, business, corporate, travel, gaming, sports, journalism, management systems sites can pay for relatively inexpensive and affordable products that are sure to increase the odds of success. You don’t need to bother about the installation after having made the purchase. The standard of the industry demands an unbelievable level of user-friendliness since the community also considers people with no technical expertise.


If you are looking for a high-quality WordPress Learning Management System, look no further than WPLMS. With this innovative product, site owners can manage courses and organize the activity of tutors and students. You are also able to create and commercialize your courses on the internet.

It works by converting your traditional WordPress page into a learning management system. This is a collaborative effort, made possible by the inclusion of BBPress, BuddyPress, and WooCommerce. WPLMS is very adaptable and versatile, as it can support many useful plugins such as: MyCred point system, WP Coauthors plus, BadgeOS, DwQ&A, PMPro, and others. The basic download will include a theme package that features 8 plugins, designed specifically for your website. Their goal is to improve your visitor’s browsing and learning experience. For more information regarding this theme, be sure to check out its live preview. It will allow you to sample the most important features without having to spend a dime.

It is without a doubt that WPLMS is a best-selling education theme, given that it was downloaded over 6900 times. A child theme was added, along with 4 distinct demos. The setup process only takes about 5 minutes, and requires a single click to initiate.

wplms-most-popular-lms-wordpress-themeMore Info/Download Demo


2. Invent

Invent is an amazing website theme that is compatible with WordPress 4.2.1. It is designed to enhance any education website, given its impressive roster of features. Invent has a distinct look and feel, that is sure to impress all potential students. It is obvious that countless hours went into the development of this theme. It is a distilled and streamlined version of other education web pages.

Although it is best suited for the improvement of University, School and College sites, it can be used for corporate, design agency and small business pages. This versatility is astounding, catering to many fields of activity.

This theme is entirely compatible with LearnDash, a prolific Learning Management System (LMS). However, LearnDash must be purchased separately in order to gain access to its page templates and personalized side bars. For more information about this feature, you can access the free theme demo. You can also read the extensive theme documentation source.

Site owners will enjoy multiple post variations: Department, Courses, Events, Faculty, News, Portfolio and Gallery. Invent also includes a powerful Short Code Builder, with more than 60 personalized short codes that can be customized at any time. There are Parallax backgrounds, buttons, sliders, carousels, and a user friendly GUI.

invent-premium-looking-lms-themeMore Info/Download Demo


3. Varsita

Varsita is a high-quality website theme for WordPres 4+. It can be used for university, high school, online learning system, and business education web pages. It has an amazing design, and a professional, modern layout. Varsita is extremely versatile, able to accommodate any online niche. This adaptability stems from its user-friendly customization features. There is no difficult learning curve, as it was made for everyone, not just computer programmers.

Website construction does not have to be a tedious chore. Varsita makes productivity seem fun. The theme incorporates Themeum LMS, an incredible plugin that can bring many additional features. It will certainly increase your site’s functionality. Pages can host a limitless number of lessons, courses, and assignments. Regardless of the subject, this web theme can produce an outstanding learning site.  If you prefer visual guides, you can watch a nifty Video Overview on the theme’s site. It is brief and informative.

Varsita guarantees that mobile device users will not be excluded from the fun. Its layout is very responsive, capable of resizing and adapting to all screens. There are 5 different home page versions and a practical Media Player. The popular WooCommerce plugin was added, facilitating online transactions. In addition, the Revolution Slider plugin can showcase your project’s highlights.

varsita-online-course-management-themeMore Info/Download Demo


4. Clever Course

If you want to create a LMS (learning management system) website, look no further than Clever Course. It can be used for the pages of schools, colleges, universities, or any other kind of learning institutions. If your main objective is to write and distribute online classes, Clever Course can improve your bottom line. Online courses can be split into distinct sections, and you may also quiz your students.

This theme tries to accommodate both customers and their site users. Supported payment methods include Stripe, PayPal, PayMill, and Direct bank transfers are accepted if the user contacts a site administrator.  Official Course Certificates can be created, and they can act as proof of graduation.

Site owners have full control over their business. They can adjust commission rates for both instructors and users. You also get to determine how many times a course can be retaken, before the student fails it.

If you do not know where to start, the easy demo importer can provide excellent content. It can give you an idea of how to organize a site, and it can act as launch platform for further improvement. In addition, the Limitless Page builder can generate a limitless number of pages.

clever-course-wordpress-theme (1)More Info/Download Demo

5. Academy

Gone are the days when knowledge could only be found in boring, dusty books. Nowadays, a whole new world of virtual learning promises to educate young minds, from the comfort of their own home. Academy is a WordPress theme that is at the forefront of that trend, allowing you to distribute and commercialize your knowledge online.

Do not confuse this for a simple website skin. It is so much more, given that it transforms your standard WordPress layout into a learning management system that facilitates teaching and learning. If you want to experience this theme first-hand, you can access the live preview. It is absolutely free, and you don’t have to spend a single penny.

Academy’s features make it easy for site owners to create online courses. Some of the most notable additions include a rating system, extended user profiles, the ability to include file attachments, question systems, rating systems, and the inclusion of self-hosted media.  Administrators may also monitor the progress of individual course. Monetization is simple, due to the implementation of WooCommerce. Most websites rely on this plugin, in order to create reliable online shops.

Users will enjoy extended versions of their profiles. They will be able to upload pictures, modify profile fields, register, reset their passwords, and keep track of courses.

academy-lms-wordpress-themesMore Info/Download Demo


6. iKnow

iKnow is an impressive Learning Management System theme for WordPress websites. Its design is very stylish and charming, capable of attracting many interested students. Site owners are able to commercialize well-written, high-quality tutorials and online courses.

In order to conduct any internet-based transaction, you will need a stable and reliable platform. Thankfully, iKnow has incorporated WooCommerce, one of the most popular eCommerce plugins on WordPress. It assures that customers can create an amazing online store, with little effort.

iKnow can establish student profiles, teacher profiles, attachments, quizzes, event management systems, ratings and many other useful features.  The Admin Panel of this theme is truly impressive. It features distinct sections for users and their instructors. Everything is very intuitive, facilitating navigation. You can access a live demo of this panel by inputting the username: Demo, and the password: Demo.

If you are a mobile user, you do not have to worry about resizing issues. Content can adapt to any screen, and any resolution. Your site will look amazing on smartphones, tablets, and desktop devices. In addition, it will also be compatible with high resolution Retina displays. There are several home page variations, and an Ajax login feature with integrated Captcha codes.

iknow-classic-lms-course-themeMore Info/Download Demo

7. LMS Press

Developed by an elite author, LMS Press is an innovative learning management system theme for WordPress. It can drastically improve your site, increasing your chances of success. With this product, your site can offer both free and premium courses, in order to accommodate as many people as possible.

Many pages experience resizing and compatibility issues. When mobile users cannot access content, your number of visitors will gradually go down. Thankfully, LMS Press is responsive, and ready to display your site on devices such as iPads and iPhones. The theme code is very well written and streamlined, making it easy for tech-savvy users to make modifications.

The page will include Course descriptions, a list of attendants, prices, and ratings. Basically, your followers will be able to easily access any information regarding your curriculum. In addition, the site will monitor the student’s progress, and display their wish list. Social sharing is enabled, allowing you to harness the massive potential of social media networks.

Site owners can describe events and keep track of attendants. There is even a countdown counter, integrated in the page header. This will build hype, and remind visitors of upcoming occasions. Of course, it is possible to set up online quizzes, and evaluate student’s progress.

lms-press-online-courses-wordpress-theme (1)More Info/Download Demo


8. EduLMS

EduLMS learning management system is a simple, stylish and fully customizable theme for WordPress websites. With this product, you are able to create a unique, personal website that matches your vision. It includes many personalized theme options, and a nifty custom menu.

Site owners can easily create countless lessons, courses, and lesson topics. EduLMS can act as an integral system for examination, where you can select passing grades, compose quizzes, upload entire lessons, and even ask students to upload their answers. In terms of aesthetics, every element is under your control, and you get to determine the overall look and feel of your page.

In case you want to showcase your project’s highlights, the incredible Revolution Slider plugin was incorporate. The resulting slides are sure to impress even the most cynical visitors. You don’t have to worry about complicated installations, as you only need to download the product and extract the Revolution slider.

In any field of activity, your website will face overwhelming competition. Search engines struggle to organize the multitude of sites available. High ranking spots will always go towards pages that are well optimized. Thankfully, EduLMS is SEO-optimized, assuring that your site has a great chance of being noticed by potential students.

edu-lms-landing-page-style-edu-themeMore Info/Download Demo


9. Guru

Designed for Learning Management System (LMS) services, Guru is a very versatile WordPress theme. It makes use of Sensei, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, WPML, Event Calendar, and Mail-chimp. With Guru, you will find every tool that is required in order to create a successful online course. It has extended user profiles, quiz systems, lesson management, video hosting, question systems, rating and ranking systems, and a several attachments. You may also monitor the progress of each individual course.

With the integration of the innovative WooCommerce, site owners can establish reliable online stores. Given that it is one of the most prolific plugins on WordPress, you can always rely on its quality. Your online courses will be fun and engaging, facilitating the user’s learning experience.

Creating a website is not as difficult as it once was. Due to the Visual Page Builder, drag and drop capabilities allow for an intuitive and user-friendly customization experience. In addition, Guru is entirely WPML-ready.

You may establish a multilingual site that caters to an international audience. Russian and French translation files were incorporated in the download pack. As you create and organize events, the Events Calendar can keep track of all activities. It is an adaptable and extensible plugin that makes your life easier.

guru-classic-lms-wordpress-themeMore Info/Download Demo

10. Skillfully

Skillfully is an excellent WordPress theme for learning management systems. It allows users to establish a top-notch online marketplace that specializes in online courses. You will be able to commercialize lessons and courses, attracting those who crave higher learning. It is possible to hire an entire team of experts, and distribute tutoring services.

There are several class variations, each designed to accommodate the student’s schedule and resources. Your page can support a subscription model (with the aid of extensions), a pay per class system, it can be free of charge, or a mixture of all plans. In order to entice newcomers, beautiful previews can be featured. These amazing offers are brought to you by Google’s Material Design elements. With this theme, eLearning has never been easier.

In order to keep track of events, a free and a premium version of Events Calendar was added. Tickets can be sold via the WooCommerce Tickets feature. If you want a more hands-on experience, be sure to access the theme demo. It allows you to sample the product, without having to commit to a purchase. Users can add several page templates for each of the main site categories. Skillfully is very intuitive, and it does not require any coding knowledge.

skillfully-coding-course-themeMore Info/Download Demo

11. Masterstudy

If you want to create an E-learning platform, choose Masterstudy WordPress theme. This theme is specifically developed for learning centers and educational organizations. This theme is WordPress 4.2.2 ready and built based on the latest Bootstrap and LESS technology. This theme has a one-click demo content importer that let users set up your own e-learning site with just a click. This theme comes with 690+ Google Fonts, custom sidebars and widgets, WPML Localization Support, Mailchimp Subscription plugin and other fully functional features. Its theme options panel is powered by Redux Framework that offers you tons of customization options. The theme offers four skin presets so you can select the colors that matches your site brand or business identity.

This theme enables you to create paid and free courses. Creating unique page layout is very easy because it is fully integrated with Visual Composer.  Its drag and drop frontend and backend page builder plugin is included in the theme to make creating website fast and enjoyable. Also, with Visual Composer you can create any page layout that you can imagine without touching a single line of code. You can choose between transparent and solid header style. With the Revolution Slider integrated into the theme, you can create stunning slides with awesome animation effects. Masterstudy is fully compatible with Woocommerce plugin, which make accepting payment really systematic and quick. Masterstudy also offers an extended teacher profile template, where you can enter the information about every teacher. It also includes a review system that let students leave a review to any course they passed. Masterstudy makes it easy for you to create new events and add a blog in your website. For more information about Masterstudy theme you can read our review.

masterstudy-flat-design-education-themeMore Info/Download Demo

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