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8 Hidden Problems with Most WordPress Themes – Know The Facts

Most themes offered by WordPress sucks! This is not a joke. I have tried both the free ones and the premium themes and they appear great just in the first instance. It will give me the notion that the theme is beautiful, professional and clean. I only realize that it is fatal flaws after installing the theme.

I tend to wonder the number of individual whose sites are deteriorating owing to the to the themes offered by Word press that seem fine but they are not.

Graphics is the idea that comes to an individual’s mind when they think about WordPress. How captivating is the theme? Will my business stand because of the theme? Will I feel good when people access my webpage? If your theme prevents audience from accessing your page then none of these will really matter.

This article is mainly to help you to make a wise choice when selecting a Theme for your webpage. After undergoing all these problems, Thesis WordPress Theme has proven to be value for my money. This theme avoids close to every single of these issue:


#1: Formatting for comments sucks – comments are critical according to Web 2.0. Starting conversations with audience is advisable. Your site will be buried in a ditch if it does not display avatars, make commenting easy, or the way in which comments are formatted.


#2: HTML with bad practices – how Google looks at your website will always be determined by how clean the HTML is.


#3: Loading excess JavaScript – unnecessary scripts will often be loaded by some WordPress themes since these themes implement every script that exists.


#4: Widgets disable – these are dynamic blogs that appear at the bars at the sides of your webpage. These enable you to upload polls, place ads, list recent comments among others. If your sidebars lack these features you will have to directly modify php files for you theme which you do not have to be doing.


#5: Poor HTML Formatting – text formatting has not been deeply taken into consideration by most of the free themes that exists. They handle bullet lists, (code) block quotes and locks in a bizarre manner. Fonts and colors that are used are out of order and lack line spacing totally. This stuff will just make you look like a fool because they can never kill you.


#6: No comments enabled on pages – the option of comments on pages is usually not allowed in some themes but only on posts. These themes will not allow comments even if you checked the discussion tab and allowed when editing your page.


#7: Lack of comment template – I was shocked last week after I downloaded a theme that was beautifully designed, when I realized that it lacked the comments platform. Most WordPress themes still lacks themes absolutely. Try commenting on some post and see how the theme handles them before settling on buying one. Because if you download one of these fancy themes, sooner or later you will realize that it is not the one that you desired.


#8: The templates for landing page are not there – all the themes that I am aware of do this inside the box. Custom pages are manually added much later. Alternate pages for templates are a great feature to include in a theme.

8 Hidden Problems with Most WordPress Themes – Know The Facts
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