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8 Reasons Why a WordPress Website is Better than a Traditional Website for Your Business

WordPress received bad feedback when it was started. It was known internationally to be software for simple blogs. This was highest underestimation of the true power that WordPress posses. Blog part is just an additional work that WordPress do.

You are now using a website that is using WordPress. The main website content is located at the left column since this is the blog part. It is WordPress still.

There is a wide variety of services offered by WordPress. Construction of websites is currently using software-based websites.

There is no major difference between a blog and a website because a website is a blog and a blog is a website. No difference.

More cylinders are nevertheless available in a blog. A couple of months ago I wrote a blog suggesting that the heart of ALL of your Internet marketing efforts is WordPress.

I believe WordPress is software that has opened the way for new websites while it is still under-rated.

Here are a couple of reasons for you to ascertain that WordPress is a unique website. This will ensure that author, business persons and speakers are thriving in this competitive economy.

Save your money-there is no need to send texts to designers to add new pages for your website.

  1. SEO friendly– Google finds HTML that is streamlined and consistent. Indexing will therefore be easy with WordPress since there are no excessive HTML codes.
  2. Communication speed– you will not have time to wait for your designer in order to update your web content. You are able to do it yourself immediately thus giving your visitors immediate and current updates.
  3. Greatly accessible– changes of content are made from any computer in the world with an internet connection and browsing software. This does not require any fixation of firewall or any additional software.
  4. It is friendly with Social network– your blog post can easily be integrated with Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. You will not have to login in order to post that you have updated your website with a new post.
  5. Automatic syndication– automatic conversion of blogs post to RSS feeds is guaranteed by WordPress. Blog directories into other peoples WebPages will be automatically loaded.
  6. Security enhancement– if the right professionals are the ones installing your WordPress, then you need not worry about hacker who may want to access your website. This can be proofed securely more than those that are designed traditionally. Plugins are often viewed as what allows hacker to access your website. They are programs that enhance the blog’s capability. Hence a process that hardens the installation of WordPress will ensure that the security of your website. Developers and designers do not often harden websites.
  7. Inspiring– it is fun when you are able to manage your content and participate in adding pages or posts to your page. You are more inspired when you see the results of your own work instead of sourcing out everything. You will be able to put more effort in order to get more content.
  8. Time management is much better– after adding your content on your page you are able to schedule that time or day that they are going to be published. You can even write an e-course covering up to twelve weeks and divide it in twelve sections. This pieces can be uploaded at the same time same day for the next twelve consecutive weeks.
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