8 Stunning Chrome Themes For your Browser You Will Surely Love

Over the years, chrome has managed to emerge as the top browser with its fast loading speed and minimalist yet elegant looks. The amusing latest updates have improved the look and feel of the browser, along with updating and increasing its security. Take a view of the browser share in Wikipedia where we can observe that Google has worked quite hard to attain this position.

Once you start using chrome, it is unlikely that you will switch to any other browser. Therefore, skinning your browser theme according to your personal needs is simple and swift with the themes that have been introduced below. Some of the themes might look like my personal preference, so please let me know if you have any personal favorites.

1. Lamborghini Sesto

A lamborghini theme to support high resolution desktop systems for your chrome browser.


2. Lone Tree

A beautiful sunset radiateing light of life throughout the whole world. This theme can shed a light on our daily work life.


3. Attack on Titan – Colossal vs Mikasa

Shingeki no kyojin is the latest anime series which has hit the world with unique gigantic titans feasting humans. Eitherways this artistic theme of mikasa and eren fighting a colossal titan is just amazing.


4.  Raindrops

A non aero theme with raindrop effect on the browser.raindrops

5.  Cherry Blossom


6.  Flat Grey Theme

This theme has no background image on Google apps page but the minimal flat theme design will make you love it.


7.  Marc Ecko

A graffiti theme for your google chrome browser as it is the most popular theme ever used.


8.  Cirque du Soleil

A circus inspired grey sliver color theme with a lady performing a routine dance movement. The abstract background will add to the total effect for the browser.


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