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Is Your WordPress Website Secure? Are WordPress Websites Vulnerable?

In less than twenty years ago theft was only limited to breaking after which entering was the next move in order to steal valuables or cash. Hackers are the robbers of modern time. Personal gains and political reasons are often the basis of such people who exploits software vulnerabilities.

This article will not be covering WP security in details but the causes of these vulnerabilities of WordPress are discussed. Getting to acquaint yourself with past WP vulnerabilities will give you the leeway of getting to know how to tackle the current security issues.

I assure you that many attempts have been made to hack your account already if you are running reasonably thriving website.

Hacking has been experienced in the recent past with hackers accessing valuable information of users. Hackers can be destructive when they gain access to your website since they can demand a lot of money from your website.

Because a lot of websites do spring up alarmingly on a daily basis, a lot of personal information of the users is given out to the new websites. Hence the issue of website security has been a very important topic of discussion.

65% of website owners are using WordPress have their Content Management System that runs their websites.

Why should you invest in prravctice3s that deals with security?

Many websites do get hacked by various hackers worldwide but the hacked sites will not want to expose that they were hacked. The reason is because their reputation will be lost and no clients will be willing to be part of a site that gets hacked.

If one is not cautious with the use of the security of WordPress then their site can also be as vulnerable any other traditional website. Blogs that are hosted by will upgrade automatically when new updates are availed for security reasons for users. Websites using automatic updates introduced in version 3.7 are aimed to be protected from hackers.

Nevertheless, a lot of security issues have been reported by WordPress users. Have a look at the list of WordPress vulnerabilities in different versions.

New vulnerabilities will always come up and there is nothing that can be done to prevent it from coming up. WP team ensures that matters to do with security are taken into consideration seriously.

When a lot of people start using certain software which is popular, there is the tendency that vulnerabilities will be more profitable to hackers.


Hacking has been only majored in security vulnerability platforms in WordPress. The themes that some users apply are another niche which hackers have been using to do their dirty work. Plug-in also will bring with it some malwares that will be easily used to assess data. Weak password is another key issue that hackers tend to use in order to login to various websites. Nevertheless it is worth noting that hacking that have been done in WordPress is mainly because of the themes and plug-in and their hosts might have not taking caution with regard to securing their websites.

Therefore communication between the host and the plug-in/themes is paramount to ensuring a safe website that cannot be easily hacked. Passwords can be another platform to hack your website but it has been proven that hacking will always accrue due to outdated plug-in and themes. Failure to follow upgrade information is the main cause of this. Hence you need to consider beefing up your website security system. You can always allow to run your website in order to avoid these vulnerabilities.

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