Five areas to Work on for Living Well and Doing Well

Everyone seems to be looking for something to fill a void, whether it’s happiness, fortune, lasting health or good communication skills. Warehouses are filled with self help books for those looking for knowledge; for the keys to the kingdom. Each one promises to get you out of your doom and gloom and head you in a direction of exuberance and success. Millionaires are becoming billionaires as the multitudes look for a way to get away from the anxious or depressed thoughts that keep them down. They want to live better and do well.

But that probably won’t happen with a book or even a seminar, not with lasting results. And the real success stories you will see are the ones who are selling you those books and programs.

Small steps

You probably won’t become successful in your goals overnight – well not unless you have the next Facebook or internet system – and even though the world may have discovered them overnight, they put in years of long days and nights before their “sudden success.” However, you can set yourself up for the opportunities that will come your way. And they will come sooner if you align yourself for prosperity and chance.

There are simple tools that keep us in a better tract, simple seeds that grow into large oaks if we cultivate them right. But first we have to plant in the proper soil, water appropriately, and provide a good light.


The headaches, the stomach flu, the general good mood, all can be traced, at some point, to what you are fueling your body with and what kind of shape you’re in. Medical experts generally recommend at least fifteen to thirty minutes a day walking, riding a bike, swimming or other some sort of movement. This will take very little time out of your busy schedule. And exercise has also been proven to help brain function, as well as raise dopamine and serotonin levels.

The food that goes in your body is just as important, or more, than the exercise you give it. Large amounts of sugar and carbohydrates weigh down your mind as well as your frame.  According to, obesity affects about 33.8% and around 17% of children, and is connected to such illnesses as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer.

Good nutritional choices help you get through the day with vigor. One small step might be to try switching your worst snack to a healthy, body fueling, nutritional snack. Nuts of all kinds, for example, are easy to carry, delicious, and great for you too. Check out Sincerely Nuts for some great options.

Fight the Stress:

Stress and anxiety wreak havoc on the body. In addition to giving your body proper exercise and nutrition, it’s important to find the right professionals to help your body perform in your day to day tasks. Today professional chiropractors are educated in more than just popping and adjusting bones. Chiropractors know how the body is affected by stress, bad posture, diet and injury. They are skilled in treating symptoms and can assist you in learning how to keep your body in optimal shape. They can help you get in shape to take a dance class or help get those muscles and bones back in place after.


If you need that degree or certificate, start looking for a way to get it. Some jobs pay for college or reimburse tuition. There are grants and scholarships and opportunities abound once you open that door and start looking. Talk to a few schools or visit a brick-and-mortar to see what you need on your ladder to success.

If you’re not seeking a degree or certificate, you can still look for ways to expand your knowledge. Ever wonder what it’s like in the world of trade? Now you can log onto websites and learn through study courses and webinars. Check out this great currency trading site to expand your economic education.

With the internet, there is a plethora of knowledge and education available, many free of charge, for those who wish to learn more and add to their life. And nothing is a waste of time if it enhances the person that you are.


The knowledge and understanding of what others go through or deal with on a daily basis.

Reading an article on Facebook may jar our emotions for a minute, but getting involved in order to help others can change your life, and the lives of those you are assisting. It’s hard to fathom, for many, what it’s like to be homeless or unable to feed our children. We get bogged down in our own problems, in our own fish bowl, and we fail to realize that there are those who are struggling every day just to survive.

Seasoned volunteers will bear witness to the healing properties of giving of themselves. Most agree that there is no greater joy or better time spent than helping others get the help they need.

If you’re not sure what you want to do, check your community resources to see where you would be a good fit. A service like Community Action advises and offers workshops to educate you on what is needed and available.

While you might not gain overnight success, or even success on a high level, you can add quality to your life and build a stable, rich foundation that will support you in all of your endeavors.

Get back in touch with nature:

We open up our world just by taking a road trip every now and then. And nothing quite fills the spirit like nature, whether it’s a national park, a roaring waterfall or a quiet valley. It’s not always logical to go on long trips to foreign countries, but we can peak outside the box every now and then and travel outside of our normal comfort zone. Taking a hike, finding a secluded retreat or driving to a body of water we’re usually not around can give us a different perspective on life.

Sometimes we have to stretch a little and try for new heights. We can gradually become our best self by adding a little more to our life a few steps at a time.

Five areas to Work on for Living Well and Doing Well
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