How to Quickly Break out of your Comfort Zone

One of the biggest problems with modern society is how easily we fall into routines and patterns. We become drones, just operating on autopilot until something forces us out of our comfort zone.  These challenges, the things that push us into new experiences and away from the familiar, are extremely valuable because they offer us new perspectives that help facilitate growth and change. So it makes sense then that we should try to push ourselves into these experiences as well. This can be a scary thought, and you may want to just continue your routine because growth can be hard. But by embracing these challenges and seeking them out, you can become a better person. Here are 5 ways for you to break out of your comfort zone.


Helping people who are struggling and learning their stories is an extremely valuable experience. It not only changes your outlook on the world but it offers you the chance to help make it a better place. Consider finding a local charity where you can spend time volunteering. Of all the things on this list, this is the one that offers you the biggest chance to make the world a better place while also growing as a person.


This one is particularly important for workaholics who are always putting off their vacation. Spending time physically away from all the things that you feel define you can help you find your sense of self. Exploring who you are away from everything that is familiar can lead to personal revelations, and at the very least it can help you relax and find some peace. Consider a vacation rental so you can spend plenty of time discovering who you are.

Start a Side Business

Freelancers make up 34% of the US workforce. Plenty of these workers have traditional jobs as well, however they’ve decided to turn their passions and talents into something substantial, and you can do the same. You undoubtedly have some skill or product you can offer that you’re passionate about, so you should embrace it. Starting a business, even a one person operation, can be difficult. But rising up to face these challenges in pursuit of your passion can make you a stronger person and help improve your self-confidence. Give it a try, you never know how successful you could be until you try.

Remodel Your Home

Our homes are where we feel the most secure and comfortable. It makes sense then to change them up occasionally since it’s a chance to literally alter your comfort zone. Consider adding something unconventional to your home, like a hidden bookshelf door or an eccentric piece of modern art. The change of scenery in your most comfortable place can change the way you think about things as well, and may help you grow as a person as well.

Take A Class

After high school or college, a lot of people stop pursuing new skills or interests. But if you think about the massive amount of growth we go through in school, you can see why taking a class as an adult could be beneficial. Find something you’re interested in (cooking, writing, painting, etc.) and find a local class to take. By learning a new skill or improving a rusty one, you can learn new things about yourself and possibly alter your direction in life for the better.


Growth is hard. It requires us to overcome challenges, seek out the unknown, and leave behind what is comfortable. This list is only the beginning of ways you can do that. We should always be looking for ways to grow as people, and to help make ourselves, and by extension the world, better.

How to Quickly Break out of your Comfort Zone
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