These 5 Movies Prove that the Spring Forecast is Sunny with a Chance of Geek

Spring is springing and it looks like the forecast is going to be unseasonably geeky. From kid-based flicks to controversial fan flicks that will never see the light of a movie theater, here are 5 nerdy movies that geeks everywhere are already saving up their popcorn money for…


The Lego Batman Movie

Superheroes… check. Will Arnett… check. Legos… check. This movie has everything that your inner geek needs to escape back to a simpler time – a simpler time that still had Will Arnett. Lego has done an outstanding job of making its feature films entirely ageless, worthy of plenty of smiles and enjoyable for your whole family. If you haven’t got your tickets yet, well then – quick… to the Batmobile.


Maze Runner: The Death Cure

All you really need to know about The Death Cure is that Thomas is out searching for a cure for a virus that is currently turning people into zombies who are pretty irked off. If you haven’t had your Starbucks yet this morning, maybe you can relate. If you can, you might want to check it out and bring the Germ X. You wouldn’t want to catch this thing if it is contagious.



Though you will have to wait until Christmas to see this much-anticipated remake, when it does roll around you can look forward to seeing Dwayne Johnson and Nick Jonas hit the screen in one of the most recognizable movies of recent years. For those of us who grew up on Robin Williams flicks, this collab seems a little strange and unwanted, but for younger viewers, this may become a classic in its own right if the production plays its cards right. However, for us 30 somethings and over, it is like opening the game a second time… and you know that you are never supposed to open the game! Not ever! Cue the spiders, vines and car stealing monkeys. Hey, you can’t tell kids anything these days.



An ailing Professor X is hard to imagine, but in the continuing of the X-Men journey Logan faces his legacy as he has been attempting to hide from the world. I think we can all understand that. Why, oh why, can’t we hide from those work emails on Saturday morning… “I know you aren’t awake yet and I also know you aren’t working today, but I need you to call in before you wake up so I can fill you in on something that could have waited until Monday. Ok? Alright. Thanks so much for your cooperation. In the future, please remember to stay in touch when you are asleep.” (Oh, yea – this X-Men is taking place in the future. Excited yet?)


Power Rangers: Unauthorized

This movie isn’t going to be safe for work or for the family for that matter, but if you grew up watching the Power Rangers morph into giant robots and kick butt in Spandex too… then this movie might be one to see with the guys on a Saturday night. Just make sure that they too are diehard fans or you might never live this one down. By never, we mean actually NEVER. Did we mention that the original makers of Power Rangers are super mad about this gritty release? In fact, they spoke to Complex about it. We can kind of see their point. It still doesn’t stop us from all wondering what happens in this fan production’s short film.


Whether you get out to the theater or just save these films for your Netflix binges on the weekend, the future sure looks geeky… and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

These 5 Movies Prove that the Spring Forecast is Sunny with a Chance of Geek
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