Why People Love Video Games

In today’s age of technology and geek related topics, video games are all the news. While it might seem like most people don’t have time for video games anymore, especially when so many busy throughout the week, this couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter how busy someone is, if they’re obsessed with gaming, they’re going to find time no matter what. Look up the latest gaming news, and you’ll get a glimpse of how the gaming world has grown.

As another example, take a look at the website Twitch. It’s a site where thousands of people streaming video games daily. In fact, some even do it for a living, and it’s become a paying job for them. With that said, regardless of whether someone’s doing it as a paying job, or just in their spare time, why do people love video games? What is it about them, that makes the experience so intriguing? Overall, here are a few things to consider.

Video Games Are An Experience

With technology always evolving, video games are changing as well. No longer are games simple platformers where your goal is to get to the end of the level. They have become full 3D experiences with voice acting, immersive worlds, and emotional moments. You don’t just play the hero, but you are the hero. The characters go through changes, you develop connections, and you even find yourself laughing and crying with them. Because video games have broken their limitations from years ago, they’ve now become more than “just” a game, but fully realized experiences.

Video Games Are Fun

Another reason people love video games, is because they’re fun to play. This is definitely the most basic reason many people play video games, but it’s one that should still be looked at nonetheless. In today’s society, we’re often extremely busy. Whether you’re at work, attending school, or are having financial issues with your student loans, there’s always something keeping us occupied. Even when there’s not much to get done, people often make work for themselves.

Most of us have this mentality that we have to be busy, or we’re not doing anything with our lives. What makes video games fun isn’t just that it’s an immersive experience, but that it helps you take your mind off your daily tasks as well. It’s a breather that takes you out of reality, and into a fantasy world. After working all week, you can look forward to sitting down for a few hours and becoming part of the adventure.

Your Can Share Your Experience With Others

Another reason people love video games, is because they can share their experience(s) by playing with others. After all, most video games aren’t meant to be played alone. With the advancements in technology, it has become even more of a collective experience. Games like Call of Duty, for example, can be played online, and you can have up to multiple players as well. The same applies for the website Twitch, as the streamer isn’t playing the game alone. People can come into chat, have a discussion about the game, or even share their experience and ask questions.

Not only are video games fun to play, especially with multiple people, but they’ve become a fully realized experience. If you think gaming is immersive now, just imagine what it’ll be like in the next twenty years.

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Why People Love Video Games
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