5 Smart Home Options You’re Going to Want In On

Smart homes have always been an interesting topic of conversation for sci-fi enthusiasts. However, most of the clever inventions dreamed up for these houses of the future have seemed completely impossible and outlandish. Nevertheless, smart people with a passion for paving the way to the future took those ideas and began working on making them a reality. Thanks to these individuals, we are now seeing many smart home innovations emerge, and some are even affordable enough for the average joe to put to use.

Here are a few of the smart home tech trends that are making their way into homes across the US.

Smart Thermostats

Nobody likes coming home to a hot house. Fortunately, with the birth of the smart thermostat, you’ll never have to suffer through that problem again. Not only will you be kept comfortable with the purchase of one of these relatively affordable little inventions, you’ll also save a buck or two.

Smart thermostats are highly programmable, meaning you can set the heat or air to come on only while you are at home. Additionally, many of these clever contraptions are remote-controlled, and some even learn your habits in order to preemptively fulfill your temperature wishes.

All of this means that while you’re away at work taking care of customers, your thermostat is hanging out at home, making sure the temperate is just right for your return. How cool is that?

High-Tech Security 

In this day and age, keeping your belongings safe from others has become more important than ever. From increased internet security to incredibly high-tech security systems being put into homes, people are taking extra precautions to ensure their privacy and safety.

These smart home security systems are pretty fancy too. All systems include an alarm of course, but many also include remote-controlled cameras, the ability to lock doors from afar, and some even include remote controls for the thermostat. You can’t get much more secure than that!

Innovative Lighting Systems

You know how you and your partner are always arguing about who should get up and turn the lights out before bed? With a smart lighting system, you’ll never have that argument again. Instead, you can snuggle up together and let your electronic servants do the work.

So how do these innovative lighting systems work? Well, most work by connecting to your Wi-Fi network. You can then control the lighting through the use of a mobile application. Most apps allow the user to dim the lights or turn them completely off or on, giving them more freedom to light their homes as they see fit.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry has been around for quite sometime. Still, this nifty feature has only recently become more affordable. Moreover, it wasn’t until recent years that we began to see locks that could be controlled through the use of a phone app.

This innovation means smart lock users can now lock or unlock their doors from anywhere. It also means temporary keys can be given to kids or friends who need to access the home while the user is away. As an added bonus, some keyless locks are compatible with smart thermostats, making it possible to set your thermostat to kick on when a person arrives at the front door.

Remote-Controlled Shades

As if remote-control locks, thermostats, and alarm systems weren’t enough, shades are getting in on the remote control game now too. These fancy new smart shades can be controlled using a smartphone app from across the house or across the country. They can also be programmed to open and close at various times throughout the day, or according to the location of the sun. Often, this leads to significantly lower utility bills, making this nifty invention a worthwhile investment.

Clearly, smart appliances are the way of the future. Soon enough, we will likely see these items—along with some others we haven’t even thought of yet—on a daily basis. By jumping on the smart home bandwagon now, you’ll be ahead of the curve and ready to take on whatever tomorrow brings.

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5 Smart Home Options You’re Going to Want In On
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